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Ubisoft Education

Given Quebec’s growing need for future leaders in science and technology, Ubisoft Education was created in 2018 to support students in these evolving fields. From elementary school to university, Ubisoft Education's mission is to inspire young people in Quebec to discover the potential of science and technology, to develop their STEM skills and to support them along their journey towards a career in these promising fields

The mandate

To promote diversity and job opportunities in technology, we were mandated to produce short documentaries showing different profiles of people working at Ubisoft.

Women in Technology

For this series of episodes, the chosen profiles were those of women who stood out in their jobs. Our goal is to inspire young women and show them that it is possible to succeed in this industry.

Unique Paths

Because everybody's path is unique, we wanted to pay extra attention to how to explain their - conventional or unconventional - path, and show that anybody can reach their goal of working in technology.

Client : Ubisoft Education
Production (Client) : Léa Vinson
Production (C'est beau studio) : Karine Brisson
Director : Christophe Lavigne
DOP : Carlos Lopez

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