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ton-quartier | The opening

Brand content - Video - 2020


Ton-quartier serves the dual roles of local market and coffee shop. In line with its strong branding, the company’s goal is to eliminate intermediaries in the producer to consumer value-chain. All products offered by each ton-quartier market are harvested by their partner producers and transformed directly in their own local kitchens. This innovative business model responds to the growing need for a more responsible and local lifestyle.

The mandate

We had the opportunity to create a short video of the grand opening of ton-quartier markets. Shot on the spot, this video gives the community a taste of the lovely atmosphere to expect when it's time for a cup of brew and to pick-up local products.

Client : ton-quartier
Project manager (client) : Karolane Cliche
Director : Christophe Lavigne
DOP : Carlos Lopez
Color correction : Pablo Perugorria
Photographer : Christophe Lavigne & ton-quartier

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