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NAD | The new NAD school

Brand content - Video - 2019


Founded more than 25 years ago by visionary professors, NAD-UQAC is now an established university for multimedia creation. Each year, they offer their students quality training in video games and visual effects, as well as graduate research programs in these new areas of expertise.

Today, Montreal is considered a hub for this type of production, and NAD-UQAC as a broad pool of talents.

The mandate

By changing locations, the NAD-UQAC got to set up new spaces that facilitate creativity. Our mandate was to document the excitement of their first year in their new premises, and, by doing so, to create communication tools that promote the school and improve its recruitment process.

A Big Move

During the summer, the school moved into this brand-new building (which construction is almost complete). This series' first video is meant to summarize this year's early stages, which marks a new milestone in the school's history.

The Imaginad

Every year, the school holds an event called Imaginad. In the context of an exhibition, presenting students and guests from the industry gather to discuss, explore, and recruit new talent.

The New NAD School

When admission time nears, it is important to show future students what to expect when applying for NAD.

This series’ latest addition showcases the school's faculty as well as the alumni's best accomplishments in order to attract candidates.

La rentrée

Client: École NAD-UQAC
Project manager (client): Sarah Esteves
Director: Christophe Lavigne
DOP: Carlos Lopez

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