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Savoir-faire | Menaud

Original content - Chapter. 2 - 2019

The savoir-faire series

We believe that in order to build a sustainable world, it is essential for organizations to respond to the needs of individuals with positive environmental and social interventions. In this series, we discover the world of bons vivants and exceptional organizations who, whilst swimming against the tide, have chosen to do better, everyday.

Know-How Leads to Being


The name refers to Menaud’s Tale, Maître Draveur, a classic of Quebecois literature that pays tribute to the hard workers of the Grand Log Drive. The Microdistillery is named to honour both this influential legend and the exclusive Charlevoix-alcohol producing harvests used to create our products.

The Last Log Driver

We had to start by explaining this profession given that it has ceased to exist in Quebec in 1987. Our research led us to Robert, a former log driver of the La Malbaie River; we knew that none but him was more suited to introduce Menaud's story.


Producing a good gin requires quality ingredients. And Charlevoix is full of them. We went there for a visit with the alcohol producers to find them.

Client : c’est beau
Director : Christophe Lavigne
DOP : Carlos Lopez
Artistic direction : Raphaël Ricard
Color correction : Gabriel Lamontagne
Photographer : Christophe Lavigne

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