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Savoir-faire | c'est beau

Original content - Chapter. 3 - 2020

The savoir-faire series

We believe that in order to build a sustainable world, it is essential for organizations to respond to the needs of individuals with positive environmental and social interventions. In this series, we discover the world of bons vivants and exceptional organizations who, whilst swimming against the tide, have chosen to do better, everyday.

Know-How Leads to Being

c'est beau

The brand was created in 2012 and always stayed close to its values : doing things right, locally, while respecting the environment. Today, c'est beau offers a complete line of everyday clothing made in Quebec as well as accessories created by local artisans.

These Bons Vivants

The different portraits presented in the Savoir-Faire series are all driven by one thing: the desire to do things right. For us, this translates into offering a product that is made in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Basics Made Here

Most clothing brands don't show their production’s behind-the-scenes. Why? We are wondering. This should be mandatory. Hence, we decided to capture all the action in the c’est beau clothing factory in order to showcase the workers doing their thing.

Client : c’est beau
Director : Christophe Lavigne
DOP : Carlos Lopez
Artistic direction : Raphaël Ricard
Color correction : Gabriel Lamontagne
Photographer : Christophe Lavigne

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