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François-Michelle center | The center

Brand content - Video & photo - 2021

Centre François-Michelle

Founded in 1958, the Centre François-Michelle is an institution offering elementary and secondary education, as well as professional training. It welcomes children and youth with mild cognitive impairment ages 4-21. Our teaching faculty and various specialists, as well as the centre’s team support students and parents in achieving their full potential.


On top of introducing the school, we were able to speak to the main stakeholders in the CFM: the parents. A mild cognitive impairment diagnosis can be trying for young families. That meant we had to be mindful of how we could address this particular target audience.

Parent testimonials

We opted to ask parents who were willing to talk about the Centre François-Michelle and its positive impact on the development of their child.

The joy of going to school

We recorded many of the CFM activities to showcase the friendly atmosphere that prevails in the school. The recording was done with minimal staff so that the students would feel at ease in front of the camera. As a result, we were able to capture beautiful and real moments on the spot.

Client: Centre François-Michelle
Director: Christophe Lavigne
Screenwriting et DOP: Carlos Lopez
Designer & motion design : Charles Desmarais
Color correction : Gabriel Lamontagne
Photographer : Christophe Lavigne

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