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Centech | Presentation

Brand content - Vidéo - 2020


Centech is a business accelerator founded in 1996 by the ÉTS and initially was only available to their students. In 2016, the organization welcomed all entrepreneurs, regardless of their backgrounds, to help them develop their projects. Following this change in management, Centech has carved out a place for itself among the best accelerators in the world.

The mandate

Our objective was to present the organization and the different paths that are available to future entrepreneurs. In a short period of time, the video has to inspire potential entrepreneurs who wish to start their own high-tech business and encourage them to send in their applications.

Presenting a Cohort of Leaders

To do so, we captured the key stages of a Centech cohort to convey what these new entrepreneurs should expect in their own career.

The Driven Ones

To be even more inspiring, we also showcased the companies that have now completed their journey at Centech, from which many have become world leaders in their field.

Client : Centech
Project manager (Client) : Sophie Reinach
Director : Christophe Lavigne
DOP : Carlos Lopez

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