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c'est beau studio

Documenting Savoir-Faire.

c'est beau studio specializes in the creation of documentary content. Through video and photography, we highlight the savoir-faire (French for “know-how”) of individuals and organizations who, through their social, environmental or economic commitment, have chosen to do better every day.

A simple approach

We are capturing real people, so we need to have a simple, friendly and structured approach to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. This humanistic approach is the core of our organizational culture.

Those bons vivants

We advocate small, tightly woven teams throughout our productions. We bring together people who are curious, eager to share interesting subjects. Our priority is not to showcase our technical skills, but to highlight the subject and the people we capture.

The story of the studio ↓

Elementary School

Our story begins in third grade. First day of school: Carlos sits right in front of Christophe. He swivels in his chair to face him, stares at him, and finally says hello. Christophe, as an answer, tells him to turn around because class was about to start... A great friendship is born.

High School

Along came High School. Carlos was the one who was first interested in anything related to video making. Being part of the first YouTube generation, he wanted to do everything, and he totally went for it: lightsabers, stop motion, green screen, not to mention many crazy video clips with friends... Well, almost everything! Even though they didn’t attend the same high school, the two buddies remained tied to one another. Christophe, who put a great deal into having good grades in school, never hesitated one bit to ask Carlos for help with his video projects, and God knows he often did. As their high school days were coming to an end, they both set out to produce Christophe's high school sports gala. Numerous videos were then designed to create this gala from scratch: graphic animations, fictions, etc. It is then that these two future film-makers finally got their start.


One lived in Montreal, the other in Hull. The distance was no obstacle to their collaboration. Countless are the times Carlos crashed on Christophe’s couch in Montreal to shoot projects between classes. This period was one of trial and error, but also of great discoveries. Carlos, a fairly curious individual, began to explore various paths. From special 3D effects to the science of the human body, as well as designing electric bikes, our friend came to realize that his true calling was to put his camera to use by presenting subjects and their unique story. As for Christophe, he embarked on several trips during this period and discovered the pleasure of meeting people and learning more about their own savoir-faire.

An internship at c'est beau

Christophe is about to graduate from his Bachelor’s in Communication and must find an internship. Already a big fan of the young brand c’est beau, he reaches out to Raphaël, its founder, and harasses him several times in order to push his application through. Good thing : the interview ends in a happy hour and the internship is scheduled for the following week. In fact, it was during his internship that c’est beau’s first promotional video was brought up. Guillaume, already a partner of c’est beau at the time, just couldn’t get over the deal he just made with Carlos & Christope: 500$... of gift cards for the video. Following the internship, c’est beau evolved. Christophe and Carlos as well. The brand is now well-established and the two friends have taken on larger mandates... and more lucrative ones.


After having worked for several years in the industry as freelancers, and with now many faithful clients, the duo can no longer stand to edit in their bedroom. So, they decide to go into business. At the exact same time, Raphaël and Guillaume, c’est beau’s two co-owners, offered them the opportunity to move into their second store’s back office in exchange for making videos for the brand. The chemistry between those four is so strong that they decided, only six months after they got set up in the office, to tear down the walls in order to make more space for the editing rooms.

The Savoir-Faire Series

The idea of creating the Savoir-Faire series was launched in their first month in the office. The series aims to promote the savoir-faire of people and organizations that c'est beau admires. Bons vivants and exceptional organizations, who like them, against the tide, have decided to do better, every day.

c'est beau studio

The collaboration between Christophe and Carlos from C + C and Guillaume and Raphaël from c’est beau was so instinctive that the idea of building a business together quickly appeared. The boys wanted to develop a creative studio that allows them not only to document the know-how of organizations, but to also possibly create original content so that it can be broadcast and shared with many people. After several months of work on the business model, the website and the identity, the studio was born.

Obviously, we were enthousiast to launch c'est beau studio with an event, good sparkling wine and all that jazz. Due to our friend Covid-19, we reviewed our celebration concept. That's why in August, we decided to improvise a little retreat between new partners! One of the th weekend activities consisted of going up Val Saint-Côme to cook tomatoes on the fire during the sunset. The good life!

Recap : Food was INCREDIBLE, but rappelling in the dark while being on the wild side of the mountain was probably our worst idea... Anyhow, c'est beau studio is officially operational and ready to document the know-how of local organizations.